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Value Engineering

Strategies to Reduce Flooring Expenditures

At National Apartment Flooring, we are 100% committed to helping our customers reduce the amount of flooring they purchase and to maximize the amount of value that they receive. We have developed and implemented strategies that have helped our customers achieve this goal.

Direct Manufacturer Negotiations and Pricing

This is a two-pronged approach. First, by bidding on the materials between the two major manufacturers, there will be significant savings. Similarly, by opening the bidding to a wider base of contractors, there will be considerable downward pressure on prices. In my experience, a 5% savings is conservative given the current market and the leverage of the owners. Other benefits include lengthier pricing guarantee and better leverage of warranties.

Reduce Pad Replacement by 20%

I recommend that you set a target of 20% reduction in overall pad usage. Your flooring contractor should assist in evaluating the pad at the time of install. We will check the pad in each unit to determine if it requires replacement. We also will provide Monthly Reports to make certain the goals are being met.

Replace Partial Units by Utilizing Laminate Thresholds

We would help train your on-site staff to evaluate if flooring in a particular room can be saved. If certain rooms do not need replaced, we will install a threshold in the doorways to prevent a noticeable difference in dye lots from the original carpet to the new carpet. For every bedroom you are able to save, you save about $150. We also will provide Monthly Reports to make certain the goals are being met.

Manufacturer Warranty Utilization

In our experience, vinyl warranties are underutilized. We recommend that customers target to have 15% of vinyl replaced under warranty. We can provide training to your staff to evaluate the current vinyl. The vinyl manufacturers offer excellent warranties that are valid in a multi-family application. We will provide Monthly Reports to make certain the goals are being met.

Reduce Per Unit Material Usage by 20% using computerized seaming technology

We recommend a review of seaming diagrams and quantities to look for savings in material quantities. New computer software makes it possible to improve material layouts and reduce the quantity used. On average, the result is a 2% reduction in materials used.

Improved Maintenance Training on Cleaning and Product Maintenance

We encourage continual training and discussion with maintenance staff about cleaning methods. There are excellent products available to extend the wear life of vinyl floors. Also, using the correct methods, carpet can often be saved for at least one additional turn.

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