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At NAF, full transparency is our mission so our customers have peace of mind about what they are paying for.

Transparency means that our customers receive clear and concise information about their products, installations, yardages and prices.

Starting with our proposal system.

Each building unit type will be broken down by yardage.

Additionally each unit will have a complete seaming diagram.

Invoices and Estimates will provide all the details of each installation including material quality descriptions, yardages, per unit prices and totals.


In the multi-family world, time really is money.

Units that are not ready to be rented cost owners money. Vendors that need to be called multiple times and don’t perform cost money.

Given the number of different tasks on-site staff must manage, they must be able to rely on their vendors to execute correctly and on time.

Reliability does not happen by accident.

Reliability is built into our core culture. Every single NAF employee is committed to maintain the highest standards of responsiveness and dependability.


At NAF, our goal is to provide you the most value for your flooring budgets.

We start by helping guide you to the best flooring products to meet your specific requirements.

Because of our focus on the multi-family segment and significant buying power, we negotiate the lowest prices on the flooring products used in apartments.

By operating efficiently, we are able to maintain a low cost structure while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Our low prices are just one way we can help you reduce your flooring expenses.

Reduce Your Flooring Costs

At National Apartment Flooring, we are 100% committed to helping our customers reduce the amount of flooring they purchase and to maximize the amount of value they receive. We have developed and implemented strategies that have helped our customers achieve this goal.

  • Direct Manufacturer Negotiations
    and Pricing.
  • Reduce Pad Replacement by 20%.
  • Replace Partial Units by Utilizing Laminate Thresholds.
  • Manufacturer Warranty maximization.
  • Reduce Per Unit Material Usage by using computerized seaming technology.
  • Improved Maintenance Training on Cleaning and Product Maintenance

Our Clients

National Apartment Flooring is commited to providing the very best service available to the multi-family professional

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