“Do whatever it takes to provide
outstanding customer service.”
–Richard Berle

Our Why

At NAF, we are passionate about the power of flooring.  We believe that flooring is one of the most powerful tools a property manager professional has to achieve their goals  as well as to positively impact the lives of their customers, the residents.

Flooring matters.  Few other factors are as influential  in establishing a perceived value for a property. Flooring, in both the shared spaces as well as the interiors, can have a significant impact on how a resident or perspective resident values a property.

At NAF, we are committed to helping our customers receive the absolute most value for their flooring investments by helping them to find the right balance between design and cost.  The first step in every project is  to understand our customer’s goals and then to design solutions to meet those goals.

It is something we are passionate about.  We don’t believe our job is to merely bring you samples.   Rather, our job is  to bring you solutions that are beautiful, inspiring, and make sound business sense.

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