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Make Your Common Areas a Leasing Tool

Let’s face it. Your leasing office, gym, corridors, laundry rooms and other areas greatly impact a resident’s perception of your property. Your common area flooring is a central part of your “retail” look and can be an extremely valuable leasing tool.

We will help you select products that will make your property more desirable and also provide you with the best return on your investment.

We have partnered with the best, most innovative commercial flooring manufacturers. We will provide design services on projects that are over a certain dollar amount. Our designer will help find the absolute best flooring for all your common areas.

Carpet Tiles
Vinyl Plank
Sheet Vinyl

These are just a few of the products that we specialize in sourcing and providing for your common areas.

Make your gym rock. Un-depress your laundry rooms. Make your corridors odor free.

In addition, your common areas impact the attitude of your leasing agents. By putting them in a well-designed office, they will feel better about the “product” they are selling. There is a reason that Apple spends so much money making their stores. If you are going to charge a premium, the value needs to be visible in every phase of the process.

Today’s new and renovated apartment properties have made common area décor a very important part of their appeal. Today’s residents are putting more importance on certain amenities than ever before, like communal areas.

In addition to finding the right product, we have the best common area team to facilitate every phase of the process from product selection through installation. We will give you clean and concise information at every stage making the process as simple and easy as possible.

Let us help you give your common areas a true leasing advantage.

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